Use MICR Code to Search Branch Details of any bank

Find Branch Details including Address, IFSC Code and Phone Number of any bank in India using MICR Code

Find Branch Details using MICR Code of the Bank FAQ'S

MICR code stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. This code enables bank to verify the authenticity of the documents used in banking system. It is generally used in cheque book and minimizes the chances of fraud in the cheque based transactions.
You can easily find MICR code in the bottom of the Cheque book provided by bank at the time of opening the account. However most of the times you do not carry your cheque book with you, in that case this site provides you an option to easily search and identify your bank MICR code just by selecting your Bank Name, State, District/City and Branch.
In order to find out your complete branch Details like Address, Street Name, IFSC Code , Contact number etc you need to have your MICR code ready with you. If you know your branch MICR code then all you need to do is to copy and paste the MICR code in the search box provided above and click submit. Within seconds you will see your complete branch provided that the MICR code that you entered is a valid one.